Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hasta Luego, Mallorca

We awoke early on our final day in Mallorca. We enjoyed a nice breakfast and then donned our bathing suits for a few hours of swimming. Our relaxed morning was complete with luxuriant massages on our private terrace. After the massage therapist left, we lounged on the chaises sipping cava, listening to the soundtrack of birds chirping and feeling the ocean breeze.

We dragged ourselves up from our chairs and put our bathing suits on once again. We were determined to swim in the cove since it was our last day. We tentatively tested the sparkling water and to our surprise, it seemed a little warmer. We slowly waded out to waist-deep water and finally took the plunge. The water was definitely cold but not as frigid as I imagined. It was unbelievably clear and I could see schools of fish skimming the bottom. We swam far and deep and it was amazing. Yachts both small and big were anchored within reach and we briefly considered swimming to one that was flying an American flag. On second thought, we decided it might look strange for two random people to swim a great distance to the boat and announce, "We're also Americans! Let us aboard!" 

After we got our fill of swimming in the cove, we returned to the hotel and jumped back into the pool. I swam and swam, knowing that we had to wake up early the next day and trade this paradise in for unpredictable weather and much less sunshine. 

We ate dinner at the hotel later. The fish stew was delicious. When we gave our room number to the waiter he remarked, "Oh, you are leaving tomorrow?" 
"Yes," we sadly replied.
"And did you enjoy your stay?" he asked.
"Yes! It was one of the best vacations we've ever had!"
"Oh, good. I'm glad to hear this."

As we were eating dessert, he brought us two glasses of champagne and told us to enjoy them on the house, as this was our last night. I thought that was a very nice touch!

Our wake-up time for departure was 5am so we took one last walk around the property and went back to our room to pack. Once our bags were filled, we retreated to the terrace for a final look at Mallorca at night. A lightning storm in the distance illuminated both sea and sky.

5am came early and our ride to the airport was right on time. Boarding the plane home was sad not only for us but also our fellow passengers. Our sun-kissed faces were forlorn and the flight back home was much quieter than the one we had taken several days ago to reach Mallorca. 

The weather upon arrival in Eindhoven was no surprise: overcast and windy. All of us reluctantly put on our sweaters and coats and trudged to baggage claim, the faint smell of sunscreen being left behind on the tarmac.

The days we spent in Mallorca were incredible. I know there are many places left for us to see but I would go back there in a heartbeat. I can't imagine a more relaxing, beautiful place. With the unavoidable adjustment to dreary German weather, my newly-acquired freckles have faded and Mallorca is a wistful memory longing to be relived.

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