Friday, November 4, 2011

I miss you.

I've been really homesick this week. I know I'm beyond a tender age, but this is the first time I've lived further than 3 hours from my family. It's hard. I'm constantly looking at the time on the clock here and counting back to whatever time it is at home. Right now it's 4:30am at home and I'm wide awake, almost halfway through the morning. It still doesn't seem right.

I miss all of my friends. So many times throughout the day I think, "Oh I wish _____ was here! She/He would love this the most!" I know some of them will eventually visit, but who knows when that will be? Whenever it is, it seems far away.

We're tired of being in the guest house. After almost two months of being displaced, it's time for us to be back in our own space, surrounded by our own things. I can't wait until we can feel truly settled once again.

Daily life can be exasperating. It takes twice as long to accomplish simple tasks. Yesterday we were back in the Netherlands and we ended up in a chic shopping district. Back at home it's very simple to look down a street at the storefronts and immediately know which is a beauty shop, eye doctor, sports store, bookstore, etc. Here, we must walk all the way down the street and peer into windows in the hopes that we'll see something inside that indicates the type of shop. This gives a whole new meaning to window-shopping.

I know this will get easier when I learn more of the language and have been here long enough to understand how everything works, but it's still frustrating.

The good news is that I finally found a bike yesterday! We thought I would end up with something from the Netherlands, but we decided to purchase from the shop on base. I rode it yesterday and I love it! I can't wait to have some bicycling adventures. Maybe I'll find it easier riding a bike than trying to avoid bikers while driving.

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