Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Weather is Weird

Weather is strange here. On Tuesday it was 27 degrees and sunny. Snow was in the forecast for this weekend and I thought it would definitely happen this time. Yesterday was overcast with higher temperatures, but very windy. Gusts of wind almost blew me over while I was riding my bike. Today the temperature is 47. It's extremely wet and snowflakes won't be falling any time soon.


We've been finding lots of fun things to do and it seems like we're finally settling into a nice schedule. Most Thursdays I go to a farmer's market in Sittard. Vendors sell everything from watches and underwear, to fresh seafood and cheese. The produce and baked goods are amazing. It's a nice way to end the week, even if it's rainy and cold outside.

We went to Maastricht on Tuesday for trivia night at an Irish pub. The crowd is international and all of the clues are given in Dutch and English. I heard that some Dutch people like to go there to practice their English. Once again it amazes me that everyone we meet speaks at least two languages. I definitely think American children should begin learning a second language in primary school. Our team didn't win first place (or even close) but we had a great time. Sometimes I wish we lived in Maastricht but I think we will appreciate having a big yard when the summer comes.

Luxembourg is the plan for the weekend and the snow that was forecast has been replaced by rain. I'm excited to see every new place we go but I'll be truly ecstatic when the grays and blacks in the sky are finally blue.

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