Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moving and Shaking

Yesterday the movers came to look at all of our items and come up with a plan of attack. We're excited because it's going to end up being a one-day move set for Sept. 26th. This is preferable to them packing everything one day and then waiting until the next day to actually put it all on a truck.

We'll be staying with gracious friends from the 26th until the 3rd, when he does his out-processing. After that we will drive straight to Atlanta and catch a plane to Michigan to see his Dad. We'll then fly from Michigan to Minnesota to see his Mom. After that it's back to Atlanta to spend a night at an airport hotel and then we fly from Atlanta to Dusseldorf on Oct. 11th.

We're in Panama City for a couple days while he completes some certification requirements. This is the first time I've accompanied him on a TDY and it's definitely different than just going somewhere and staying in a normal hotel. I've only been on two bases but they always feel so secluded to me. The great big plus about this one is that it's right on the ocean! I definitely wouldn't mind ending up back here in the Sunshine State if we ever have the opportunity.

The BEST thing about being in this neck of the woods on this particular weekend is that we are driving to Tallahassee on Saturday to watch the greatest team in the world take on Oklahoma!! Going to Florida State games tops my Favorite Things to Do list, and it's an activity I will desperately miss. I didn't think we'd be able to make it back to Tallahassee before we left so I was trying to come to terms with the thought of missing not only all of the games this season, but also the next three seasons. We just got our tickets and we're meeting great friends to tailgate. I can't imagine a better way to say goodbye to all of my Tallahassee friends!

Just for posterity, here is a photo of Greta right before she was shipped.

She should meet us in Germany no later than Oct. 28th. His car will follow about 2 weeks after that. Then I suppose we'll both be cruising down the autobahn!


  1. I did not even know you had a VW. I was still under the impression that you had the silver SUV.

  2. Libby (the Jeep) was buried about a year and a half ago. She was getting too expensive, and then her AC broke. That was the final straw.