Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodbye, Apartment

It has been an eventful week and it's only Tuesday. Our movers came yesterday. They arrived at 10am and left at 5pm. Spending an entire day watching other people pack all of your things is weird. There were 5 guys and they came in and whipped out boxes, paper, and tape and immediately got to work. They told us to relax and take a seat so we did, until they had to pack our seat. Then we were relegated to tiny corners behind boxes. It was crazy seeing all of our things go from normal to packaged in just a few hours. These guys were so precise and thorough. I think all of our belongings will arrive in Germany unscathed (unless they fall into the ocean).

We are staying with some very generous friends this week. We will be leaving for Michigan/Minnesota on Monday. Tomorrow we will be taking his car to Atlanta to ship. I don't think we're really going to feel some true relaxation until we're passed out on a plane headed across the ocean. I thought I would feel a little less stressed when the move was over, but now my attention has just shifted to everything else, magnifying it all.

He passed his German driving test today so I know he's very excited about driving on the Autobahn. Guys are strange. I think he might be anticipating that more than sunsets in Venice, but I guess that's how it goes. Unfortunately I won't be able to take my test until we actually get to Germany. It's supposed to be difficult so I guess I'm glad he's gone first so he can let me know how I should prepare.

My mom and sister will be coming here one more time, so our goodbyes have been delayed for now. Mom will be here Thursday and then my sister will come this weekend. Sunday we'll be going to the flea market to try to sell some odds and ends (curling irons, lamps, etc.) that we don't want to have to convert in Germany.

I usually feel sad when I leave a place. Not so this time. I'm not only excited about Europe and all of the possibilities it brings; I'm also excited to finally move into our first place together. I put all of my things in storage over a year ago and moved into his apartment. I quickly began missing all of my "stuff." I guess I never thought about how important photos and books are until I didn't see them for a few months. It was a relief to see the movers taking it all out of storage and putting it in their truck. Already I can't wait to see all of our things again because I know wherever we are will feel like home once it's all in place.

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