Monday, October 3, 2011

See ya, GA

Today we're leaving Georgia for Michigan and then Minnesota. This past weekend was a great way to end our time spent here. My sister came up for one last visit and we went to a Greek festival Friday night. Saturday we spent some time driving around Macon, seeing some places we always meant to see but never had time. Saturday evening we had dinner with our great friends who hosted us for the week.

Yesterday we went to the local flea market. This was my second (his third) attempt to unload some things we didn't need. We were there for about 3.5 hours and made an $80 profit. I guess that's pretty good for an afternoon at a huge yard sale. We thought it was amusing that we spent the night before enjoying dinner in a very elegant restaurant and then headed to the market to practically give away our possessions at just a dollar and sometimes 25¢. Oh well. We weren't going to do anything else yesterday anyway since our home for the final 2 nights here has been at the lovely Ramada Inn Conference Center beside Burger King.

Terrific view.

Next time we speak, I'll be in Michigan!

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