Monday, October 24, 2011


We're still waiting on my car to arrive. The latest possible date is the 28th and I'm convinced it's going to take that long just because it can. We're continuing to rely on friends to take us everywhere.

Yesterday (Sunday) we slept in and then decided to take a walk to a nearby village called Gangelt. It seemed like everyone was outside taking advantage of what might have been the last temperate Sunday afternoon for a while. People of all ages and fitness levels were biking, walking, and riding horses. I've never been in a place quite like this. Everyone goes outside when the weather is nice.

Eight miles later we ended up in a bustling square. There were two small restaurants, a small pond, and a playground. We directed our attention to cheering and yelling, and it was coming from a soccer field on the outskirts of the square. This was one of the ubiquitous soccer clubs They were playing a lively, competitive game, decked out in elaborate uniforms. I wonder what their day jobs are.

We continued toward downtown Gangelt and ambled around the downtown area for a few minutes. Something to note about all of these places is that everything, aside from some restaurants and cafes, is closed on Sundays. In larger towns, such as Heinsburg and Aachen, people walk around and window-shop. It's still a reason to be outside on a Sunday.

We headed back to the square and took a seat at the cafe to grab a beer before our long trek back to Gillrath. I will forever hold this location dear to my heart. It is here that I had the wonderful, refreshing, delicious Bananen-Weizen. It's just a regular Hefeweizen mixed with a small amount of banana puree but I believe it's the nectar we were meant to drink. It is now my mission to find this concoction wherever we are, especially if we have a long walk ahead of us. Potassium is important.

Our return home was also pleasant. The sun was going down so it was already colder and much more windy. But people were still enjoying the remnants of the day. It's easy to walk several miles when the road ahead of you is so peaceful.

The road ahead.

This evening we had dinner with our friends at a Greek place called El Greco. I guess I didn't really imagine Greek and Chinese food in Germany but I'm glad it's here. Ouza was brought to us right away and the food was great. 

Think good thoughts for us and hopefully tomorrow Greta will return to the motherland so we can drive her around and reclaim our independence!

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