Saturday, October 15, 2011

Houses and Hinesburg

Yesterday was relatively sedate. He went back to work to take care of some more tasks and I stayed home, unpacking a few more things. Afterward our friend drove us around to look at possible houses. We didn't fall in love with any of them, but I have to say that I felt European riding around in a Peugeot listening to techo music.

We ate dinner at a great steak place in Hinesburg-- a very cool little town! The waiter was kind and patient, and allowed us to try some German. At first he thought we were from England. When we told him we're American, he immediately told us his brother lives in Chicago and he has a sister in Indiana. That made the world feel smaller, if just by a little.

Today we're up early so we can spend the day in Cologne! I think we will also see a little of Aachen since we'll be switching trains there.

I can't wait to show you photos of the Dom!

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