Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last Night in Atlanta!

We have arrived back in Atlanta by way of Dallas/Ft. Worth. Apparently it was less expensive to fly out of Minneapolis to Dallas, and then fly to Atlanta instead of just going direct. I will never understand why that makes sense.

We had a great time in Minnesota and today's goodbye was hard because it's always hard to say goodbye to a mom.

We are waking up early tomorrow and heading to the airport around 8am for our flight to Newark at 12:30. Then we'll have an hour layover and from Newark it's direct to Dusseldorf.

It doesn't seem real to me that tomorrow we will be in another country, permanently. I think it will set in when Friday rolls around and we realize we aren't leaving. It's been fun telling people at the airports what our final destination is. The reactions are mixed:
"Wow! That's great!"
"I could never do that."
"It's going to be so cold!"

I think the most interesting conversation we had happened during our layover in Chicago on the way to Minneapolis. A middle-aged man who was a priest sat beside us and asked the time. That led to a conversation about time zones and he told us where he was going. Apparently he lived in a small town in North Carolina and had never really been out of it. On that day, only his first time flying, he was moving to Paris. He said it was due to a mid-life crisis, and he also felt like this might be his last chance to really change direction and do something big. I wished him good luck (in French) as we went our separate ways, and I hope he really does find luck in his new life, just as I hope we do.

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