Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Car is Here!

My car has arrived, finally! The absolute latest date it could be delivered to us was the 28th (tomorrow), and we were getting worried Greta wasn't going to make it and we'd be car-less for another weekend. Late this afternoon we were informed that she has made the 4-hour trek from Bremerhaven to Schinnen. We're going to the base very early tomorrow to take care of everything that needs to be done in order to actually claim the car as our own.

Tomorrow we're lucky enough to have a ride to the base. For the past two days we've been getting there on foot, 2.5 miles one way. It's a pleasant walk alongside verdant pastures and ancient farmhouses. The weather has been cool and windy which is nice when you're working up a sweat. We're beginning to be able to greet passersby with confidence. All it really takes is a simple nod and a cheerful, "Hallo!" Another important benefit of all this walking is that instead of gaining weight, we have actually dropped some. Keep the bread and beer coming!

Today I helped my friend at a Halloween carnival for kids of military members. It was fun seeing all of the children dressed in their costumes and playing games. I enjoyed having a reason to get up and going, other than walking to the base and spending all day there going from office to office. It made me feel normal. I can't wait until all of this in-processing is finished, both of our cars are here, all of our things are here, and we are in our own house. It's so close!

Some of our guesthouse neighbors invited us over for dinner this evening. It has been really easy meeting people here, especially the ones who are also new. I like hearing all of the advice from those who have been here a while but it's also comforting to sit across from some newcomers and know that they're feeling the same way we are.

This weekend we're planning on pricing some bikes and going to furniture stores. It's the first time we've been truly independent, and with our own transportation, since two weeks before we left Georgia.

I was planning on taking my driving test tomorrow but since Greta is here I've received a last-minute reprieve! Now I'm planning on taking the exam next Wednesday. I really am terrified of failing. It would be humiliating to tell my husband I didn't pass. I hope I'm worrying needlessly, otherwise that bike is going to come in really handy.

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