Monday, September 12, 2011

The Real Countdown Begins!

I can safely say that I never imagined living in Germany. We are now less than one month away from boarding a plane and landing in another part of the world, far away from my tiny hometown in Florida. The weather forecast in Atlanta, GA on October 10 is currently predicted at 55º for the low. Geilenkirchen is at 33º. I just purchased a winter coat like none I've ever owned. This will be a big departure from wearing skirts, dresses, and flip-flops almost year-round.

Tomorrow we will be shipping my Volkswagen to the motherland. Our calendars are filled with packing days, moving days, cleaning days, and visiting days with our families. It's getting easier to imagine myself flying over the ocean and landing in Deutschland.

This time next month we should be feasting on wurst and sipping on the best beer we've ever had!

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